Our dogs at Edgegrove over the years

Memories and Photographs

Edgegrove Gundogs Memories

Enjoy walkthrough of many of our Edgegrove dogs, old and young, spanning many years of training, shooting and field trialling in pictures.

Some are now in hunting grounds in the sky, while others are still young and rearing to go.

They provide us with many memories and enjoyment looking at them and we hope you will enjoy them to. Many of the photos contain images of Gill and myself and of course some of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom and overseas that we have visited whilst either training or field trialling.

Laddie - A True "Champion"

Laddie was born on 27/03/1999 following a mating between F.T.W. Bridevalley Hothead and F.T.Ch. Rhyw Ddu Elen. His ancestors are predominently “old school” bloodlines that are made up of very noticable hard hunting Winners and Field Trial Champions, including Championship winners. This foundation, produced not only a great looking spaniel, but one that was gifted by having brains that approached those of the Border Collie.

Laddie was a great and easy dog to train and he passed on this quality to his off-spring as most were also found to be very clever.

Like his ancestors, Laddie was fearless in cover and had great pace to go with it. He was a deadly marker of his shot game, but equally he could be handled with little effort onto an unseen retrieve.

He started his trialling career when he was 20 months old and soon won a Novice Stake first time out in January at the Melbourne Estate. This win allowed him to compete in Open Stakes against some extremely experienced and seasoned dogs of the period, such as Steadroc Sker, Clarburgh Art, Clarburgh Amy and Moonread Flush to name but a few. Following several awards he then won his Open stake at the North Devon Open and then went on to gain a Diploma of Merit in the Springer Championship held at Brocklesby.

At this time he was really going well and learning a great deal from his experiences so I had great expectations of soon gaining another win and making him a Field Trial Champion. However, it was never to be. I was running him on a braken bank in the Welsh KC Open trial when disaster struck. Hidden from site was a broken fence post and Laddie smashed into it at full pace. The prognosis looked bleak as it was confirmed to me by my vet that he had fractured two vertibrae in his back. Luckily for Laddie and myself, I had the right veterinary back-up for the situation and the offending vertibrae were fused together.

This saved his life and following a long recovery I was able to use him for “light” duties such a little picking-up. This was a godsend as Laddie would never have liked just sitting in a kennel for the rest of his life. There was of course another duty that he could perform and that was mating bitches. During the rest of his lifetime he continued this duty until almost his dying day and what a bonus this has been for him and the wider spaniel world.

He produced 6 UK FTChs, 3 Swedish FTChs, including 1 Championship winner, 1 Belgium FTCh, including 1 Championship winner, 1 USA FTCh, 1 Italian FTCh and many FTWs. Above all he has produced many excellent shooting dogs, both in the UK and overseas, and besides having his brains and trainability they have provided many hours of enjoyment for their owners.

Like his ancestors, Laddie was fearless in cover and had great pace to go with it.