Jeremy and Oliver share honours at the North of Devon Open Qualifying Stake........

North Devon Open

Jeremy wrote...." FTCh Rothievale Maple of Edgegrove has just won the North of Devon Open Qualifying Stake making it her 5th Open win. However, that was not all of the news as Oliver was also close behind with 3rd place with his own FTW Rothievle Privet of Cindersash. A great day for Edgegrove kennels."

December 2017

Mulraven Medlars of Cindersash is now a FTCh.........

Spaniel Club Open

Jeremy wrote...."I have just won the Spaniel Club Open anyh variety except Cocker qualifying stake at Byrds retreat Worcestershire. Ginny, Mulraven Medlars of Cindersash, achieved her award after an exciting run off to make her a FTCh. I am very pleased for Ginny as she is not only a very hard hunting bitch, but also very consistent."

November 2017

Jeremy has judged the Norwegion Championship........

Lawson Vallery Jeremy

Jeremy wrote...."I recently spent a very enjoyable time in Norway where I was asked to judge their Championship Stake with my co-judge Wenche Farstad. I was made very welcome and we had an excellent trial with Championship host Lawson Vallery."

October 2017

Edgegrove Kennels continues its success in recent trials. ........


Jeremy wrote...."After winning his novice trial with Rothievale Privit of Cindersash Oliver has now had success in the BWWGS Open Stake at Badmington Estate by winning third place and also receiving the Guns Award. We are very pleased for Oliver and in turn he is very pleased of his young bitch."

October 2017

F.T.W. Mulraven Medlaress of Cindersash........


Jeremy wrote...."My young bitch "Ginny" - F.T.W. Mulraven Medlaress of Cindersash continues to please me after winning, on ice, the Kintbury and District Working Gundog Clubs Open Qualifying stake at Corton Manor and also getting guns choice."

October 2017

Honey - FTCh Rothievale Maple of Edgegrove has won her 4th qualifier - On ice.........


Jeremy wrote...."Honey continues her success and pleases me no end. This success was made even more pleasing as she won the stake on ice and in extremely heavy cover that demonstrates her versatility. She has now shown that she can win rabbit trials on white grass and also win in the heaviest of cover."

October 2016

Honey continues her success with a 3rd and first.........

Jeremy wrote...."I ran Honey in two rabbit trials to start the 2015 season. In the first, at Stean, she came 3rd under judges Ian Flint and Paul Mathews and in the second a week later, at Grassington, under Judges Jon Bailey and Terry Frost she won on Ice !! Unfortunately I can't run her at British Championships as I am a judge, but I may take her to the Irish Championships instead."

September 2015

Within 2 weeks Honey & Moss are F.T.Chs.........

Honey was the first to win her second Open Stake on 20 December 2014 making her a F.T.Ch.

Moss followed this by winning the Meon Valley Open making him a FTCH.

Jeremy wrote...."He won the stake on ice, and also won best hunting dog and guns choice. This was a hard trial with frozen snow and ice. The cover was run in a mixed woodland with rhododendrons, brambles and open woodland. With the crispy, noisy snow the birds were running on and you had to let your dogs get about to cut them off . Moss had a long first run with seven birds flushed, a hare and a rabbit, but unfortunately all evaded the guns. He was down for a long run of about 30 minuites.".

His second run proved to be shorter with a bird found dead on his beat that was shot earlier on in the trial and then a good contact and marked retrieve that concluded his run".

December 2014

Honey has copied her brother and won her first Open Stake........

On December 2, Honey won the Shropshire and Staffordshire Open Stake at Chirk Castle.

She won first place after a run off and Moss came 3rd. An excellent result for Edgegrove Gundogs.

Jeremy wrote...."Probably the hardest cover trial I have run dogs in. The cover was hard and dense making it difficult for the dogs to mark their birds and also to get them back to hand. Game was not abundant so the dogs had to really work for it, but the guns were probably some of the best that I have seen for some years".

That makes 4 dogs (so far!!) connected to Edgegrove Gundogs that have qualified for this years Championship.

December 2014

Moss has won his first Open Stake.........

Moss has won the Duchy Open Qualifier "on ice".

He had several finds in his first run, including a loose pheasant that was shot and he marked it well and collected. The cover was varied from rhododendrons, heavy brambles and open woodland with just light brashings. There were a lot of birds and the guns shot very well.

His sister Honey, was awarded 3rd in her first Open Stake, which was held in a bracken deer park. She had a very clean first run with three finds and a marked retrieve, which she made look easy. Then her second run was for over 30 minutes with no flush or retrieve, but she didn't give in she just went harder as the run went on. I was very pleased when she was awarded 3rd, as there were several dogs that had short and productive runs that went well, but only received Certificates of Merit.

Overall an excellent start to the trialling season.

November 2014

Moss is knocking on the door.........

Moss has had another 2nd in an Open Qualifier. He was beaten by a FTCH bitch bred by Edgegrove Gaffer.

Autumn 2014

Jeremy has trial success with his young dogs.........

Jeremy's two young dogs, brother and sister Moss and Honey, are starting to make an impact at trials. Honey was awarded second place in her first trial on July 12th in the 3T's Novice AV Stake where the temperature was 27°C.

Jeremy wrote... "On the 22/23 July I entered the North Western Counties FT Society Open and Novice Stakes at Grassington. Both days were very hot, but I managed second place and guns choice with Moss in the Open Stake and I won the Novice on the Saturday with Honey. So now she is a FTW after only being in two trials.

All these trials were run on rabbits and it was satisfying to be able to gain awards when competing against some experienced rabbit dogs. I also have the satisfaction of knowing that both of them also love the brambles and hedgerows that they will experience when competing later in season in more southern pheasant trials".

July 2014

Kevin's Championship success.........

Kevin, handled by Tom Phillips, was awarded a Diploma of Merit at the 2014 ESS Championship held at the Dineira Estate, near Comrie in Perthshire. Currently he is the only fully health tested FTCh ESS at stud in the UK . His progeny are doing well as he has already sired a F.T.Ch. and several F.T.Ws.

January 2014

Moss continues his success at trials.........

Moss's trial development is continuing very well with second place in December 2013. His initial batch of puppies are starting to look very promising.

December 2013

Kevin is now a F.T.Ch.........

Tom Phillips has won his second Open Stake with Kevin (Cowarnecourt Gaffer of Edgegrove) making him up to FTCH. This is great news for Tom and Kevin and everyone at Edgegrove wish them both the best of luck at the Championships.

November 2013

Edgegrove sires continue their impact on trial successes...........

Eric and Jane Smith have just won their second Open Stake with their bitch Nederscot Eirwen making her a FTCH. This bitch along with Kevin were both sired by Halaze Hickory of Edgegrove ( Laddie).

Simon jones has just won his second Open Stake with his bitch Bucklawren Brodie making her a FTCH and Maurice Stanbury won his first Open Stake with his dog Bucklawren Brigand of Stockingford. Both are sired by Edgegrove Gaffer.
Four by Edgegrove sires so far !!!

November 2013

More trial success for Edgegrove dogs........

Simon jones has won another Open Qualifier making his bitch up to FTCH. This bitch is by FTW Edgegrove Gaffer. Maurice Stanbury has qualified the litter brother for the Championship. Hopefully more Edgegrove success to come !!!

October 2013

Laddie has passed away at the grand old age of 14 ½........

Everyone related to Edgegrove is saddened by the news that Laddie passed away in September. He was a marvellous companion at home, shooting and picking-up and at trials. In his lifetime he sired, both in the UK and abroad, many FTCh's, FTW's and excellent shooting dogs. He passed on his superb qualities to his off spring, in particular the ease in which they were able to be trained. On a happier note I am pleased that I have in the kennels several of his sons and daughters who show great promise for the future in trials.

They say you only have one great dog in a lifetime and I would say Laddie was just that. I was lucky to own a dog that not only had a big influence on my life, but also on so many others. He passed on so many of his qualities to his progeny and it was lovely for me to win with a son from his last litter who is so much like him. I can only hope that he can carry his fathers name to the top.

October 2013

Moss has his first trial win......

On a happier note Laddie's son Moss, from his last litter, won the Worcecester Working Gundog Society's novice stake on 8th October 2013 "on ice" and was also the gun's choice. This was Moss's first trial this season. The cover was very punishing with dense bramble which he loved and plenty of game. He had three finds and a long blind retrieve in his first run and a blind retrieve on a hen soon into his second run again in dense bramble. He was then taken across to the other side of the line to try "second dog down" on a running cock bird, where he made a good job of the fall and took a line off and picked the bird. This concluded my run and with both judges agreeing upon the places the trial was over without a run off. Moss's great performance earned us 1st place. I am now looking forward to running him in Open Stakes later in the season.

October 2013

7 Edgegrove Dogs in the Championship...........

Edgegrove Gundogs had a very busy and successful 2012/13 season with seven dogs that qualified for the Championship. They were all by Edgegrove sires, with four of them by Laddie.

FernFern was competing in Open Qualifiers gaining two 1sts, two 2nds and a 3rd and then going on to gain 4th in the Irish Championship. Her two wins made her up to a FTCH.

Her father Kevin (Cowarnecourt Gaffer of Edgegrove) also qualified for the Championship and was handled by my good friend Tom Phillips who took him on from me when I was too busy to run him. Tom won his novice in his first season in trials.

MossWe also have a young dog who is Laddies last son. Moss who is shown on the right is fully health checked. We ran him in his first trial in January 2013 and he gained 2nd and guns choice in heavy snow and with one blank run , so we are really looking forward to his future. Moss has inherited his fathers ease of training with good gun sense and natural game finding ability he has a very stylish action for a dog and a real thirst for cover, but also looks very impressive on light cover. Moss' health check details are: - hips 8, elbows 0 , fuco clear pra cord 1 clear eyes clear inc gonio.

January 2013

Jeremy recruits a new Boss at Edgegrove.........

Gill is now playing a large part in the kennels. She is training a labrador bitch that we acquired from Jeremy Hunt of Fenway Labradors. We are hoping to breed from her in the future. Gill also has a springer bitch who is by "Kevin" and out of Lesley Keyte's FTCH bitch and she is looking very promising.

August 2013